• St. Stephen Catholic Church as been  of service to Catholics in this community since 1885.  Father Edward Downey, Pastor of St. Mary's in Aspen, celebrated the first Mass in the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Lynch on April 14, 1885.  There were six people in attendance.  A modest frame structure was built at Tenth and Blake.  St. Stephen Catholic Church of Glenwood Springs, Colorado was dedicated November 14, 1886.

    Construction of the church at Tenth and Grand started in April of 1942.  Under the guidance of Fr. Clarence Kessler, men of the parish spent their weekends hewing with hammer and chisel the red stone which was used to build the church.  The stone was then transported to the building site.  The church was dedicated by Archbishop Urban J. Vehr on April 14, 1943.

    Fr. Cliff J. McMillan, our pastor from 1996 to 2013, was a big part of the building of our current church, which was finished in 2003.

    Our present location is 1885 Blake Avenue, the "1885" depicting the year of the first Mass said in Glenwood Springs.  Auxiliary Bishop, Jose Gomez, dedicated the Church on August 28, 2003.  On this momentous occasion of the dedication of the fourth church building of the parish family of St. Stephen, we are mindful of our consolidated efforts to five glory to God in all things, including the building of this church.  The current number of households in the parish number more than 1000.  This temple stands not only for the benefit of the parish family of St. Stephen, but also for the entire community of Glenwood Springs and all those who visit here.  Almighty God has recognized the countless hours and the immense sacrificial gifts flowing forth from this community. God has assured us that through sacrifice comes a tremendous outpouring of grade.  Today and for many years to come, let us open our hearts as never before to receive this grace.  Through the patronage of St. Stephen and the watchful care of our Blessed Mother, we pray that God's mercy through our Lord Jesus Christ will flow forth from this Church to all of us who worship here.

    Over the past 112 years, St. Stephen has been served by 22 pastors.  Two deacons have served this parish.  The Knights of Columbus, Altar and Rosary Society, Hearts and Hands Senior Ministry and volunteers provide many services to the parish.

    We now have an Adoration Chapel build on the 4th level of the church.  It opened in May of 2010.

    God has showered St. Stephen Church with many blessings since the first Mass was offered in this "mountain village" on April 14, 1885.  May He continue to bless us for many more years to come!