What is a Mass Intention and how do I request a Mass?
    A Mass Intention is a way to remember a deceased friend or loved one by dedicating a mass to that person. A Mass Intention is also a way to celebrate in thanksgiving or praise a special date or anniversary. A Mass Intention can be requested as a Special Intention. You can request a specific date and time or the Intention can be assigned a date and time based on availability. To notify the recipient or family a Mass card is available for you to send or the parish office can send it for you. The suggested stipend is $10.00. Call the parish office to schedule a Mass Intention or for more information. The scheduled intentions are published in the bulletin one week in advance for your information.
    What is the procedure for scheduling the church for a baptism?
    Contact the priest.
    Do I need to take a class about Baptism before having my baby baptized?
    Yes, if you have not taken Baptism Preparation before or it has been over 3 years since last attending a class. If you are going to be serving as Godparents in this parish, classes are required.
    What is the procedure for scheduling the church for a wedding?
    A wedding is scheduled through the pastor. Call the parish office to speak to the celebrant of your choice.
    If I choose to light a votive candle, how much money should I drop in the offering box?
    There is no set amount that dictates the offering, although it is hoped that the offering will help cover the cost of the candle (approximately $2.00). If you can give a little more, it will help cover those who cannot pay.
    Is there a place where I can fill a container with Holy Water for use at home?
    Yes, it is located in the church entry way.
    I want to put something in the bulletin.  What is the deadline?
    Tuesday at 10:00 am, unless it’s prior to a week where there is a holiday and then it would be Friday or Monday.  Inserts for the bulletin must be approved by the pastor.