Hearts and Hands

  • A service ministry of St. Stephen parish offering assistance in nourishing spiritual, physical and social growth of our aging parishioners.  Life is a great gift from God and we wish to keep our parishioners in touch with each other through a variety of activities.  Our ministry is open to varying ages at certain times in their lives.  We have chosen the example of mother Theresa as our model and welcome the help and ideas of our younger parish members to assist us.  Our hope it to strengthen and enrich the lives of those who want to be part of this ministry, with Mother Theresa as our example. 

    We believe that:
    • The fruit of silence is prayer.
    • The fruit of prayer if faith.
    • The fruit of faith is love.
    • The fruit of love is service.
    • The fruit of service is peace.
    If interested in further information, please call 945-6673.