History of our Parish Center and School

  • A fund was started in the 1950's by Rev. C.E. Kessler for a parochial school in Glenwood Springs, but plans changed when Fr. Kessler found there was a shortage of nuns to teach.  It loomed into a completed Parish Center on November 7, 1970 for St. Stephen's at 18th and Blake, now South Hyland Park Drive and Blake Avenue.

    As the years went by, parishioners got together and decided we had enough interest to open a parochial school.  St. Stephen Catholic School opened its door to 34 students grades K-6, on August 27, 1981.  Out intent was to educate each child with a values-oriented education.  By 1985, the enrollment had more than doubled to a total of 78 students, grades K-8.  Out school continues growing with over 160 students enrolled for the 2013-2014 school year.

    A Catholic school is a community of faith established to assist everyone in their call to holiness.  By practicing and celebrating the love of God and our neighbor, we are motivated to grow morally, socially, academically and culturally.  Most importantly, we strive to model in public and private what it means to live a Christ-like life.